Posted on January 16, 2012

Welcome our brand new and graceful blog! We are excited you have chosen to read our thoughts, learn some insights, discover new trends and explore the word of marketing. Since Social Graces is a dual faceted company we wanted to make this blog representative of both sides.

One week we will be discussing events and all the beautiful components that go along with implementing them. This could be anything from the newest trends of the season, a look at couture, sound bites of music, highlighted vendors or the newest technologies hitting the event circuit.
The next week we will be talking about the wonderful world of marketing. This will include discussions on public relations, advertising, social media, graphic design, staying ahead of the curve and much more.

Thanks again for checking us out and we can't wait for your comments and feedback!
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Why Hire an Event Planner?

Posted on January 23, 2012

We touch on this question briefly on the landing page of our website, but now we can take you to the depths of the ocean to find the real treasured answers.
Event planners are often thought of as an extra added expense to one's budget when planning any type of function. Why would I want to spend extra dollars when I can plan the party myself? This is one of the age old questions in our industry. So to debunk the myth that event planners are not lavish excuses to waste money, we will explain the many benefits of our efforts beginning with…

VISION ~ Event planning is like a piece of artwork; a blank canvas that only showcases beauty, holds meaning and worth once the creative color splash hits the unmarked area. A planner not only can turn a cold, concrete warehouse into an excerpt from "A Mid-Summer's Night Dream," but can see beyond the limits of the average person's creative capacity, because we know what CAN be executed. A planner has been entrenched in all things innovative and fashionable, so by hiring one for your function you are most likely going to stretch far beyond your realm of thought. A good event planner will take your vision and elevate it to a tangible, euphoric atmosphere. Even if there is no vision from the client, the planner will design an exclusive, personable and detail oriented event that draws from his or her own experience and creative touch.

SAVES YOU MONEY ~ Yes, we can save you money vs. spending your money like it's our last right on this planet. The dollars and cents of it all boils down to an expert versus a novice. A veteran event planner will take any budget provided to them and plan what looks like a million dollar event without spending a million dollars or even anything close to that amount. We have expertise in planning the most efficient and cost effective functions, because we have the resources within our circle of vendors. We have the capability to fulfill your vision on any budget due to these resources and can, in fact, reduce your cost, because of our relationships and creative insight.

SAVES YOU TIME ~ Trust is, unfortunately, a huge problem in our industry. Who do you hire, who will show up on the day of your function, will they bring the right equipment, flowers etc., will they do a mediocre job, will you get what you paid for? These are all legitimate questions and unfortunately most people have had to feel the negative repercussions of a vendor's lack of experience. By hiring an event professional we take all this guess work out of your planning process. We have worked in the industry long enough to know who to trust and equally as important, who NOT to trust. We can scout locations that are perfect for your vision, negotiate contracts, hire reliable vendors, create important timelines for all involved with your function as well as handle all the gritty details associated with your event. Your time is freed up to handle everyday life, versus your event swallowing you whole.

EXPERIENCE ZEN ~ On our website we talk about the principle that you will never leave your state of 'Zen' when you hire us. This is because event planners coordinate all the details to produce a cohesive flow on the day of the function. We know how the pieces fit exactly so you don't have to worry about the 'what if.' We execute items in a timely manner, act as a point of contact for all your questions or advice needs, maintain organization of all the moving pieces such as coordinating your vision to the vendor so everyone is on the same page. Finally, on this perfectly planned day we act as the trouble shooters so you never have to have one doubt or worry.

Among the many elements of any function, a novice planner will undoubtedly leave a few stones unturned. A planner remembers and executes the smallest details and puts out the last minute fires. If you were going to build a home, wouldn't you hire a General Contractor versus an airline pilot? Then why wouldn't you hire an event planner to create an unparalleled event?

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